Shibara Spa Review-Bangkok, Thailand

Sivara Spa is a luxury spa chain of Amari Hotels and Resorts located in various parts of Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Chang, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Trang).

On my last trip to Bangkok, I stayed at Amari Watergate, and the Shibara Spa was hidden on the 8th floor of the hotel and opposite the pool, health and fitness centre.
The Shibara Spa at the Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok has recently been refurbished in a modern and contemporary Thai style. Upon entering the reception, you will find bronze “lotus flowers”, waterways, stones, curtains, candlelight and fascinating interactions of flowers.
There are 3 spacious Zen-themed double rooms and 5 individual treatment rooms. Each themed double room has a special treatment. In the words of the spa pamphlet itself, the various topics of the treatment room are:

The mysterious forest room harnesses the spirit of the forest and allows guests to meditate on the power of nature. Inspired by this plant, the room has a tropical storm to relieve the stress of the day. A refreshing essential oil blend used for massage rejuvenates the body.
Relax in the floral bloom room and rejuvenate in this flower paradise rose petal bath. The floral scent purifies and purifies your soul, and the essential oils of Iran Iran, Lavandula and Marjoram used in the treatment provide the greatest joy for women. In the Herbal Inspiration Room, the healing properties of herbs, known for centuries as a natural gift to humanity, are combined with extravagant luxury.
I chose a “salad package” treatment  Hotel alsace (2 hours) that included an oil massage and facial. I wasn’t really looking forward to getting a facial, and the receptionist was flexible enough to exchange faces for a body scrub.
From the lighting and temperature of the room to the volume of the music and the pressure applied during massage and exfoliation, the therapist was very careful and considerate during my treatment. Friendly spa therapists really adhere to the friendly spirit of Thai spa culture. For complete relaxation, Shibara Spa offers a wide range of massages, spas, facials and body treatments. Treatment options include Thai and oil massages, body polish and casing, facials and even personalized half-day, full-day and several-day spa programs. There is also a great 4-hand massage, which has become the only luxury spa treatment in Thailand, but due to time constraints, we couldn’t find the time for this famous treatment.
The price of Shibara Spa is a bit high as it is typical of a hotel spa. If you are staying at a hotel, be sure to receive a 10% discount at the hotel concierge and a discount coupon for a free flower foot bath. Spa Location: Amari Watergate Hotel, 847 Petchburi Road, Bangkok 10400

Spa size: 3 treatment rooms for couples, 5 single rooms

Amenities: Private shower and jacuzzi in party room

Familiarity-Very polite receptionist and masseuse