Essential Top Tips To Ace Class 12 Exams

Preparing for the board exams is not an easy task, as many students appear for the Class 10 and 12 exams that are being conducted by the respective state boards for its students. Meanwhile, Class 12 is indeed a crucial phase in a student’s life and is considered the next stepping stone in their academic career post Class 10. Hence, it is only inevitable that the students would seek the most effective tips to crack the exams and score high marks.

Students of all boards have now realized the significance of public exams and the role that Classes 10 and 12 play in their academic development. From BSE Telangana to Maharashtra and West Bengal and so on, all the state boards will benefit from these tips that I have mentioned below in this article.

Top Hacks for Class 12 Students

While it is seen that not every student gets high scores in the board exams, it is also not an impossible feat as all that. Students who are thorough with the subjects as required will find it easy to crack the exams. So, here we have compiled some tips and tricks that the students can pursue to ace the exams well.

  • The first thing to do is study the syllabus carefully and plan for the studies accordingly.
  • Understand the topic weightage as per the syllabus.
  • Have a proper study schedule planned, keeping time for revisions.
  • Look at the textbooks and prepare well for the exams ahead.
  • Learn all the topics and concepts from the textbooks as per the syllabus.
  • Refer to the textbook to also revise thoroughly for the exams.
  • Clear all doubts that students have in a subject.
  • Conduct mock tests and time the exams.
  • Get a clear idea about questions of various difficulty levels from sample papers.
  • Practising the previous year papers helps the students to perform better in exams.
  • Extra resources help to understand the subject thoroughly.
  • Previous year papers give an insight into the exam paper pattern.
  • Being exposed to the repeated questions and question types help students to face exams more confidently.
  • Students are also advised to keep a note of the key highlights, formulas and equations, derivations and so on to refer back later on.
  • Knowing the timetable is the best way to plan for the revision and exam preparations.
  • Students are also encouraged to boost their time management and exam writing skills.

If a student is well-prepared, then they do not have to worry too much about the outcome. Often suggested advice to the 12th class students of all state boards ranging from Kerala to Karnataka, UP Board Class 12 and so on because they need to take breaks from exam preparations regularly to enjoy themselves.

Meanwhile, students should stay away from situations of fear, stress and anxiety, ensuring a calm mind while appearing for the exams. They have to rest peacefully before the exams. However, care should also be taken to avoid taking part in activities that would distract them for a longer time from their studies. Getting good scores will ensure the students’ growth in their higher studies and academics, thus leading to a successful career path.