All About The Vivo Y72

If you are thinking of buying a new cell phone then you should consider buying a Vivo Y72 or Vivo Y53s which is one of the new generation smart phones that comes with a sleek metal body. One of the main features that attract people to these phones is that it comes with a capacitive feature. This feature helps in tracking the information as it passes over the surface of the phone. As the user moves his finger on the screen the information displayed on the phone automatically moves too. In other words, the phone not only allows the user to see the information on the screen but it also reacts to his movements.

The second feature that impresses many buyers is the impressive build quality of the phone. Vivo has used high grade stainless steel for making the body of its phones. There is no doubt that such an expensive device would have a good build but surprisingly the Y72 can resist scratches and even be damaged without causing any major damage to the gadget. The charging system of the phone is also commendable. They 72 has an inbuilt charger that does not require any USB connection. So, it can be used vivo y72 along with any other type of cellular phone even if it is on full charge.

It has been confirmed by many mobile experts that the Y72 has superb sound quality. In fact, the internal storage of the phone has been increased to six gigabytes from the previous two gigabytes. So, more than enough data can be stored in the internal storage of the Yota. The OVI phones come with a large memory and it is expandable and hence one can get plenty of storage space for all the photos, music and videos that they want to store.

There are few more notable features of the vivo Y 72 5g such as Super AMOLED screen which is capable of producing brilliant blacks and brilliant whites. It also has a large screen and high resolution. The phone has a built in voice dialer and it supports touch tone dialing facility. The phone also has a full QWERTY keyboard and so typing is very comfortable and easy. The OVI love 7.4 inch screen that is large in size and so, it becomes difficult to see the text on the small display.

The camera of the Yota phone is one of the best in the industry and it has twenty-two megapixels camera that can take clear pictures even in dim light condition. There is a super night mode that helps to reduce the camera battery consumption. The internal memory of the yota phone is expandable and hence users can increase their storage capacity either when required or when they want to use it more frequently. The OVI loves has an internal memory of fifteen megapixels where the other mobiles have two to three times more.

The battery of the five Y 72 can charge quickly and thus users can enjoy an average performance from the phone till the battery is completely drained. The charging of the battery of the yota is very fast and does not require frequent charging. The charging of the battery power of the phone also offers long term benefits as the device does not get damaged due to overcharging. The charge and discharge rates of the batteries of the five Y 72 are quite good and so users do not need to worry about the performance of the phones after charging for a long period of time.